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how we do it


Luconsult Team is looking to establish a long term collaboration with its clients, as this is the only approach that confers the coherency and continuity a good development of the integrated IT system asks for.

The collaboration we propose is in the contract management technology, this solution is providing multiple benefits: the standing contact with your computer system, predictability of costs (fixed monthly fee), the task of transferring the costs of our training and professional development requirements in a field so dynamic.

The philosophy of our work, that we thought from the very beginning, to prevent problems, always proved to be the correct approach to what IT management means. Therefore, starting a new collaboration involves an initial process of taking a system that aims to bring the parameters required for the functionality of the equipment, secure data and network security solutions.

IT administration services


IT outsourcing

  • reduced and deductible costs
  • monthly supervision of the equipments
  • rapid intervention in emergency cases, (between 2 (two) and 4 (four) hours from de moment of problems' notification)
  • unlimited number of interventions
  • a monthly revision
  • users' training at no charge
  • consultancy services at no charge
  • unlimited agreed period without implying any cancellation value/fee
  • you can always know the numbers of interventions and the problems that we solved by reading our logs