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what we do


A computer system, regardless of his complexity degree, it is useful, reliable and secure only if benefits of the suite of IT services, required and provided with competence: managing computers, servers and networking infrastructure, assistence of a provider of health supplies for printing equipment, assistance of a service provider to promote by WebDesign in a modern way your company, a provider for suppling IT equipments, etc..

From this set of services  Luconsult Team has taken the most important one, theIT management meaninig: managing computers, servers, networking infrastructure, IT consulting. From the very beginning we wanted to offer only IT service management at high quality, and this forced us to give priority to the investments needed for training and equipping members of our technical team.

IT administration services


IT outsourcing

  • reduced and deductible costs
  • monthly supervision of the equipments
  • rapid intervention in emergency cases, (between 2 (two) and 4 (four) hours from de moment of problems' notification)
  • unlimited number of interventions
  • a monthly revision
  • users' training at no charge
  • consultancy services at no charge
  • unlimited agreed period without implying any cancellation value/fee
  • you can always know the numbers of interventions and the problems that we solved by reading our logs